Saturday, January 20, 2007


The purpose of this blog is to tell about my experiences as I look at retirement. Not the quitting work aspect, because I am way to young and sassy to even think about that, just my thoughts about doing something different with my life. This is also a way to share how we are taking care of ourselves financially so that eventually we may be able to quit work for the sake of working for money.
Right now I am sitting in my dining room in Ogden, Utah. I escaped for the weekend from my job of 11 years, teaching Special Education in CA. My husband was forced into any early retirment last January, too old to find a new job in his field, but not enough savings to not work. So we sold the greatly appreciated California house and took our money to the land of the Beehive, where rentals would cash flow.
At this point we are about 2 years into the landlording occupation. We control 18 units meaning some we own, and some we lease option and hope to eventually own. I have learned this business from watching my parents own and manage a 4-plex and 3 houses that they bought in California, 35 years ago, when it did cashflow. I have also spent the last 3+ years in my own private pursuit of real estate investment education, online and through seminars.
This blog, however is not meant to be about investing in real estate. For one thing, I was orginally a writer by education. Though I never received a check specifically for anything I wrote, I have missed the endeavor and find myself somewhat rusty at the craft. If I keep this up, hopefully I will get better.
I would also not hesitate to guess that there are others in our like situation. Our excuse for no retirement is that we have been raising 10 children. With braces, and clothes and food and cars and insurance and everything else that can come with 10 children, there was not a whole lot of money left to save for retirement. But I suppose we are ahead of others. I will get a few dollars when I leave my teaching postition next June. Our house in Utah, though not paid for, has the added bonus of paying us, if we rent out our 2 downstairs apartments, and we do control the other 15 units as mentioned above.
But this is only the beginning of what I expect to be a very wild ride. I am here because my dear husband, though immensly handy with tools, is not a people person and was drowning in the aspect of all he has to do. So I came for moral support and to make sure that we signed the papers for the LLC and got the ads up for the apartment that went vacant up north and tried to do some paperwork catch-up. It is very good that we have cell phones and cheap airline tickets and a somewhat flexible job or I don't know how well this would work. We only know that we will do what we have to to make it.
By the way, if in reading this, you are the least bit interested in renting a wonderful apartment in Ogden, Utah, eventually, hopefully, by this Tuesday, January 22, 2007, you will be able to view our lovely rentals at (Learning this web posting stuff has had a sharper learning curve than I expected.)

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