Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Present is a Present

My almost 80 year old mom is doing a better job with her blog than I. That’s because I am teaching her and about 10 other people how to blog and why it can be important. So it’s sort of like the cobbler’s kids shoes, my own stuff just isn’t getting written.
I have been spending the last 2 weeks trying to frantically sell my small apartment house, not because I really want to, but because my husband is literally going nuts trying to be a landlord and because we have a balloon on it and like everyone else, THERE IS NO MONEY, or at least not through traditional means.
So, I have learned a ton of stuff again about what being a real estate investor really means. It is crazy. I am still stuck in the learning aspect, and then I decided that part of my problem lies in my perfectionism. I want don’t want to leave any stone unturned, or not explore any selling methodology. I am bound and determined to use all of the Internet and any other trick I can think of and there is always one more thing to be done. I want to be the best Twitterer, and Facebook poster. I am not content with just doing it a little.
The problem is that I get online, and I get so side-tracked. From what I have heard, most people who use the Internet do, it is one of the main dangers of the media. When I first got my personal computer, over 20 years ago, (That blows my mind that I have actually been using one of these things for 20+ years.) It was little more than a type-writer, and now it is almost a constant in my life. I remember my baby, who is now 19, sitting on my lap and slapping my hands, as I was trying to finish an assignment for college, which I went back to when she was 2, saying, “ No more ‘pooter, Mommy. No more pooter.”
The very first computer that came into our home, my husband brought from work. He was a graphic designer and art director in Palo Alto. Of course he would be one of the first to use a desk-top publisher. It was a little Mac SE II, and we practiced drawing circles and squares in McDraw. Big deal I thought. And now it is an integral part of my life, seeming to suck it away, but sometimes giving back. Like now, getting in touch with people I cared about and lost track of and have now found through social media, But my here and now time, goes quickly while I am doing that, searching my past.
I am reading the most interesting book, Wealth 101, part of the Life 101 series. Published in 1992, I had never heard of it before and then my daughter found an almost brand new copy at the thrift store. My favorite chapter so far, is the one written on the present. How important it is to live in the here and now, because that is all that we really have. Dwelling in the past brings us depression and despair, because there is nothing we can do to change it, (except to learn from it). Living in the future only brings us anxiety, worrying about the would-ifs and the maybes. So grasp the here and now, and live there, because the present is just that, a present. Love it, enjoy it, use it to its fullness.

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