Friday, February 20, 2009

There are Daffodils Beneath the Snow

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

I took this test before, but I couldn't remember what I was so I took it again and I am a daffodil. I love being a daffodil because they glow like little suns from the brown of the dirt. But now that I live in this white and brown world for six months of the year, I appreciate them even more.

The last 2 weeks have been so snowy. On Tuesday, there was over a foot, and now it's been melting. I loved the trees because it was very wet, heavy, snow and it stuck in their branches. They all looked like they were covered with huge white blossoms. But they melted in a day, and as beautiful as it was I am really getting sick of snow.

I usually try and go home the first week of March, but this year there just isn't the money. We may end up loosing a huge amount of equity on a property we should have sold last summer. The real estate business lending business is not good, and there is no money for investor loans. We'll know by the end of the month, the point being that I can't leave until there is some finality to the situation.

But we may have a buyer too. I have sort of given up worrying about it, just working as hard as I can and doing whatever I can. It is the best that I can do. I know that whatever happens, we will be okay.
In California right now, the green on the hills in March can be so brilliant it can make your eyes hurt. On top of that, there is big splotches of yellow mustard flowers on top of the green. I miss that, buried in all this snow, but I also know, that spring will come here too. And when it comes, like waiting for the sale of the property, it will be all the more beautiful because of the faith that we exercised. Faith in spring, and faith that no matter what happens, life will continue to be good.
If you want to know what kind of flower you are, go to this blog:

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