Saturday, April 18, 2009

When the rescue ship comes, I'll tell 'em:

As tempting as it would be to stay, there must needs be opposition in all things. Stress forces us out of our comfort zone and makes us grow. Most people in general take the easy way out. In doing so, they never realize their full potential. While living a life free of stress sounds appealing, I think in the long run that it would get very boring and tedious.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh, for three more hours

I would definitely not use them to have anything to do with computers or the media. Outside, living in the moment. Enjoying spring and the restoration of the earth. I spend way too much time indoors, sitting somewhere. Three hours of the glorious outdoors and pushing myself to do something physical.

Why Susan Boyle is Amazing

I believe that talents are natural gifts from God. What we do with those talents determines who we become and what kind of impact we leave on this earth.

The current media buzz is Susan Boyle. A middle-aged, heavy-set woman from Scotland, absolutely wowed the whole world with her appearance on the British equivalent of American Idol. What an inspiration to those who question their own talents. Or question the package those talents come in. What a slap in the face to those who feel that the outside package is more important than what is on the inside. Her beauty and true purpose overpower what the world may judge as unattractive; her spirit sparkles and shines. No amount of outward intervention can make her better. Her grace, poise, wit and self-assurance do not need the approval of masses or the media. But she got it. She came to do what she needed to do, and then walked off the stage, not even waiting the judge’s decision. The fact that it overwhelmingly echoed approval was only an after thought, frosting on an already heavenly cake. What a tribute to valiant service, and perseverance as she sacrificed her own self-interests, spending her life caring for her mother..

This is truly a woman who took her talent and developed it to the best of her resources and ability. But she didn’t stop there, doing whatever she had to so that her talent was not buried, but set on a shining hill. And thanks to modern technology, available for the whole world to enjoy. What encouragement to those of us who dream the impossible dream and never let it die.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

At the TEA Party

At 11:00 this morning I looked out my window and noticed big, huge, puffy wet snowflakes. Kind of a deterrent for standing around at an outdoor rally. By the time I finished the work I needed to do this morning, it was 1:00. I grabbed the car keys and went to pick-up my husband. We wanted this chance to be part of something we felt was important, because it was just that. A chance to vent with others of like frustration about something that we feel we have little control over.
I approached our youngest son, who was painting one of our rentals and told him where we were going. A very liberal, know-it-all strong 22 year old Obama supporter, I did not mention who was mostly behind these T.E.A. parties. "Interesting". he said, "Are you finally seeing the light? Do you know that there are no actual laws that say we have to pay income tax? Maybe, I'll stop by, he said. When I finished painting." As his employer I would have given him the time off, no questions asked.
As we got to the intersection, we noticed an empty police jeep, parked in a traffic lane, next to a parked car, with lights flashing. "Are there really that many people here? my husband asked, " I thought at the most maybe 20."
Driving around the park to the courthouse parking lot, we found a space within 20 feet of the rally. It was cold and raining and a few people were already leaving. There were lots of flags, and a few tents and tables, most were huddled under umbrellas.
An open mike was there for who ever wanted to speak. A guy grabbed a guitar and lead us in a rousing folk song, with a easily repeated chorus.
"Taxes, No more taxes!"

And then speeches, with a Constitutional slant. Growing up in the 60's it felt pretty natural to me, I had done this before. In fact just about 10 years to the date, I had stood on the steps of the California state capitol in Sacramento, cheering for a much needed raise for teachers. Sometimes I was on the other side. Yet I hoped in this case there wouldn't be side. That those who care about our freedom, our economic way of life, would feel that this really wasn't political. Many there however, said how unnatural and out of their comfort zones they felt.
There was never a big crowd. Probably not more than 50. Obviously the weather was not conducive to this party. But I reiterate again, I am glad I took the time to show my feelings, to become a particpatory part of our government, and to be part of what I hope will become a groundswell. The silent majority at last no longer silent.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Thoughts on the T.E.A. Party

My Thoughts on the T.E.A. Party

Did you mail your teabag? Are you protesting tomorrow? Don’t waste this chance to make stand and let the government know how you feel. Current government spending is insane, wasting our resources and jeopardizing the future of our children and grandchildren. Will the government listen? It doesn’t matter if they do or not. Our forefathers fought a tax of 3% on tea, we are paying way more than that, even if we don’t earn a dime. The point is that in this amazing country we still have the chance to peacefully protest about things that our government does without worry of ramification. And we need to make that stand while we continue to have the freedom to do so. It’s important to remember that you have a voice, beyond your vote and there are times when you need to use it. I feel this is one of those times. It was has been said that the only thing that needs to happen for evil to succeed is for good people to keep their mouths shut. We have rain predicted for tomorrow. It should not matter. Go forth in rain or shine, stand with fellow Americans and let your voice be heard and your presence seen. Do not be part of the silent majority, become the noisy majority and take a stand.