Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why Susan Boyle is Amazing

I believe that talents are natural gifts from God. What we do with those talents determines who we become and what kind of impact we leave on this earth.

The current media buzz is Susan Boyle. A middle-aged, heavy-set woman from Scotland, absolutely wowed the whole world with her appearance on the British equivalent of American Idol. What an inspiration to those who question their own talents. Or question the package those talents come in. What a slap in the face to those who feel that the outside package is more important than what is on the inside. Her beauty and true purpose overpower what the world may judge as unattractive; her spirit sparkles and shines. No amount of outward intervention can make her better. Her grace, poise, wit and self-assurance do not need the approval of masses or the media. But she got it. She came to do what she needed to do, and then walked off the stage, not even waiting the judge’s decision. The fact that it overwhelmingly echoed approval was only an after thought, frosting on an already heavenly cake. What a tribute to valiant service, and perseverance as she sacrificed her own self-interests, spending her life caring for her mother..

This is truly a woman who took her talent and developed it to the best of her resources and ability. But she didn’t stop there, doing whatever she had to so that her talent was not buried, but set on a shining hill. And thanks to modern technology, available for the whole world to enjoy. What encouragement to those of us who dream the impossible dream and never let it die.

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