Friday, May 22, 2009

At Last Some Success

I did it! This week I actually made a decent amount of money for work that I found and completed from clients. My writing is paying! Is that a silly thing to brag about it? After all, I am supposed to be in the business of writing. And being in the business is supposed to mean making money. But it has really been hard for me. It seems that I go to interviews and I talk to people and I never get anywhere. This time, it is not the case. I actually got work, did it and was paid well for doing so.
So that is what being self-employed is supposed to feel like. Not working and working and banging your head against the wall. Someone advertised himself or himself on Twitter as a “Professional Time Waster”. So many of us do just that, because it appears that we are busy and working, but unless there is money or at least some sort of reward exchanged, there is no work involved. I get paid for research as much as writing. And I spend time to do research and solve problems. Solving a problem involves research and you can get handsomely paid for doing so.
As much as I love my laptop, I am not going to use it to write anymore, because I can’t write quickly on it. There is something wrong with the keyboard, and as I’m writing along, it all of a sudden the cursor jumps up, and I’m suddenly writing in an entirely new part of the page. I think that it’s time for a new laptop, and someday I will get one.Back to the success story. Like they say, success begets success and it is very true. I have decided that I am going to expect to make a certain amount of dollars every week. I think that if I go back and follow-up on old leads, re-tweek my website and continue working like I am working, it will happen and I will get the work. Now that I believe that I will get paid, (because I have been), I will make money.

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  1. Way to go Mom! That tends to what it has been like for me too trying to work for myself. I have had successes in the past. Times when good paying work came easy: Petsmart, 7-11, Carl's Jr. Things would fall in my lap and I was happy to do that work and even happier to get paid so well for doing it. Now it feels like I bang my head against the wall and my head hurts. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. I am still here and trying.