Friday, September 17, 2010

Blogging At It Again

This is a good description of my life right now.
I am developing quite a following on the web. Overall it would probably be in the lower 1%, but I keep trying anyway. I have severely neglected this blog. It is the culmination and endpoint of all that I am doing and my struggles to stop working for a corporation and find a way to earn a living on my own. Eventually I do want to retire comfortably so that I can do what I really want to do, play, garden, hobbies. In the meantime, the work slowly continues.

So, back to blog neglect. Occasionally I will post from my other sites. That is part of my problem, there are way too many. I have backed away from the real estate business, but until I get rid of my properties, I am still, like it or not, tied to them. The current administration’s latest decision to add a 3.5% real estate tax in 2013 on property sales will be the last straw for many investors. So the plan is to hold onto my property and try to pay it off and turn the management over to someone else. If I can succeed at just doing that, I will have my retirement set, but I digress.

So what others pies do I have my fingers stuck in? Currently I am trying to focus my attention, and that indeed is difficult for anyone, especially with ADD to do, on a marketing business. I want to help other small businesses successfully market their stuff online. I am not talking Etsy, I'm talking real businesses, not mom and pop stores, but starting there is not a bad idea. Ideally I am looking for businesses willing to pay a few thousand or more a year on their marketing efforts. People may say that's too much, but if you think that marketing is expensive, as the saying goes, try not doing it.

Marketing is making this huge change from a phone book, static thinking mentality, to a moving force, which like everything else is constantly changing. Due to the fact that most businesses are stuck in the static phase and wondering why it isn't working, the business opportunity is huge. So that is my up-date for the day. I will continue to morrow with how it's going. Or something similar.

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