Sunday, September 19, 2010

Learning, (Out of the Best Books) Off Of The Best Internet Sites?

I spend a whole of my time, probably way too much learning. I am constantly on line reading things, important things, not the latest in Hollywood gossip but ways to improve my website. Ways to bring traffic to my website. Ways to improve my life. The rest of the time online I spend writing.

So what is happening with all this learning?

Well, I’m getting what they call “information overload.” Meaning that I spend too much time on stuff that doesn’t really help me, and not enough time taking action. So that is why all the writing, the writing part is actually taking action.

Like this blog post for instance. Hopefully someone else will read it and think its brilliant. Then spread the same word to all of their friends and I will become rich and famous, or so all the gurus tell me.

Seriously, how do you stop the information overload on the Internet? There is so much great stuff out there. And a lot of people with money who have made riches online are now being generousness with their stuff that has made them rich. They still get a piece of the pie. A dollar from a million people is still a million dollars.

But how do you sift through it? How to you figure our what is really going to help you and ignore all the rest? One solution is to focus. If you’ve read one of my past posts, you will know that isn’t a strong suite of mine.

I think part of the problem lies in lack of self-esteem. Personally I sometimes feel that I couldn’t possibly be smart enough with just the information that I have to actually benefit someone else’s.

So the negative thinking doesn’t help. Then there comes perfectionism, if I just knew more about this, or that, surely I would be more effective. All of this negative self-talk certainly doesn’t; help. If you want to really be successful the hard lesson that I learned is to do. And just keep doing. There is time for learning and then there is time to stop. The sooner you put doing ahead of learning, the faster you’ll succeed. You can't stop the learning completely, especially with the rapid advances of information facing us these days. You do have to keep learning. But balance your learning. And concentrate on doing.

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